❤ My skin care routine ❤

Heyy guys so today I thought I would take you through my skin care routine as recently I've been getting more into my skin care and really enjoying it :)
So lets begin..

I start off my routine by removing my makeup if I have worn any that day and I will use the soap and glory makeup remover on a cotton bud as it takes makeup really easily and is great for your skin!

Next I will use the Clearasil cleansing pads which are AMAZING because firstly they are great for clearing your skin and pores and they are so easy to use as you can simply grab a pre made cotton pad and wipe it over your face and your done! I do this to clear and open up my pores for the rest of the routine.

Next I will apply a nose and face strip which again will clear your pores by ripping out all the dirt! I only use these 2-3 times a week.

Next I will choose which face mask to use and I usually do this around 2-3 times a week. Depending on the condition of my skin (dry or needing a good detox!) I will either choose my glow face mask, the orange one, which is amazing for exfoliating my face and making it literally glow, or I will use the detox mask which again really sinks into your pores to clear your skin and prevent any annoying spots!
If my skin is feeling particularly oily or unclean I will use my one 1x purifying peel off face mask. I will use this instead of the pore strips as it is essentially a huge pore strip for your whole face, but as well as this is has lovely ingredient's that can remove your impurities and soften your skin, however it does hurt a little when you take it off so if you have a really small pain threshold I wouldn't recommend it but other than that its amazing!!

After my face mask I will go onto face wash, and again depending on my skin condition that day I will either pick the N07 total renewal exfoliating face wash wish is great for making your skin super soft, or I will use the garnier pure active wish helps clean and cleanse your skin.

Finally after washing and drying my face I will go ahead and put on some simple kind to skin night cream moisturizer and the N07 early defence eye cream to furtherly protect and moisturize my eyes. After this I will put the t-zone spot zapping stick on any spots get rid of and prevent any spots!

That's all for this post
Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed
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Pastel skies x