❤ Chick 'n' mix- Lush Bathbomb Review ❤

Heyyy guys so today I'm doing another bath bomb review because of course its coming up to Easter as soon as I saw that lush had a new bath bomb in there Easter range I new straight away that I had to give it a try!

What first drew me to this bath bomb was the fact that it comes in three different parts (like a cracked egg) which I thought was really cute! Inside of the chick is a small bunny bath bomb, meaning you get three different bath bombs in one!

I decided to use all three in one to see what effect that gave and it was sooo pretty! But you also have the option of using it separately if you want to. I absolutely love the scent of this bath bomb too as it has a vanillary caramel scent with a hint of citrus to make a really lovely spring scent perfect for Easter!

First I put in the top part of the bath bomb with the chick face on it! This made a beautiful yellow colour which is of course the best colour for Easter!!

Next I added the bottom half of the bathbomb which made a lovely bubblegum blue colour and the fizzing just looked so pretty it was definitely my favourite of the three colours :)

And finally I added the mini orange bunny bathbomb which made a bright orange colour and produced a lot of colour and fizz compared to the size of it which is of course even better!!

And here was the end result! I absolutely love how the colours all merge together and give a tye dye effect!!

If you would like to see the bath bomb in action just click the link below!!

Hope you enjoyed this post!
Thanks for reading and be sure to check out the Easter Lush collection :)
Pastel skies x