Thursday, 27 July 2017

❤ What I Did For My 17th Birthday ❤

Heyyy everyone, so todays post is all about what I did for my 17th birthday so I hope you enjoy and it gives you a few ideas of how you could spend your birthday :)

Firstly I woke up to a table of birthday presents and my cake (which was delicious!) I opened all of presents which I have already done a post on If you would like to check that out too! I then had a lovely cooked breakfast and began getting ready for the day!

I decided for my birthday this year I would like to have a garden party at my house therefore the house was decorated ready for the party, including balloons, bunting. We also decorated outside with colourful windmills  some cute butterflies to put in the trees and of course the bouncy castle!! (because of course I'm still five years old and need a bouncy castle!)

We decided to make a cocktail bar in the kitchen with different juices and decorations as we thought this would be a fun idea, so we got all different types of juices, fruits and fizzy drinks  to mix together and laid them out in the kitchen!

We also set up a pizza making station as we thought this would be a really fun and more exciting way to have the pizza homemade rather than just ordering it in, and it would also be a fun way to spend some time! So we got ready made pizza bases, grated cheese and mozzarella, tomatoes, pepperoni, ham and all types of toppings for everyone to make there favourite, they tasted great! (sorry about the awful pictures for this one I completely forgot to take a picture as we were having so much fun so this is all I had to work with!!)

For the rest of the day we had fun bouncing around on the bouncy castle with music, snacks, and cocktails!
Hope you enjoyed this post and be sure to come back for my New York posts coming very soon!
Thanks for reading :)

Friday, 21 July 2017

❤ What I Got For My 17th Birthday ❤

Heyyyy everyone! So I'm back with another post about what I got for my 17th birthday! You all seemed to love my post from last years birthday so I decided to do the same for this year! I will also be doing a post about what I did on my birthday so be sure to check that out! Anyway lets begin :)

Beauty Items

The sun kissed Anastasia glow kit
Morphe G23 fan brush

Smashbox- best sellers kit
including a mascara, skin primer and eye primer

Soap and glory- pillow plump lip gloss
Benefit- Gimme Brow

Bestope oval brush set

Grey Nail Varnish set -next
Mint coloured Nail varnish- next
Glitter nail varnish- Barry M/super drug


Next- Charm bracelet

Next- Heart ear ring set

Wallis- Sterling silver ear rings

Dorothy Perkins- Ear cuff

Dorothy Perkins- Necklace

Primark- Chocker

Cozy Items

Mickey and Minnie Mug

Animal socks


Paradise perfume- Next

Love struck perfume- Vera wang
Glam- Next

And finally we have the last two gifts which were my main presents!  

Baby rabbits!!!!!!

A trip to new York!!!!

I will be doing a whole blog post about what I did while in new York as it was such an amazing trip and id love to share it! Ill also do a haul about what I bought while I was there, so make sure to come back for them!
Thanks so much for reading hope you enjoyed it and it maybe gave you some ideas for gifts to get people :)
See you soon
Pastel skies x