❤ My Trip To New York ❤

Hey everyone so today post is all about my trip to new York hope you enjoy or this gives you some ideas of what you can do in new York if you ever go as its an amazing place! :)

Day 1

Flight from heathrow to new york

First experience walking around new York! We went to get late night pizza for dinner!

Day 2

Walking to breakfast on day 2 of the trip!

We went to NBC studios and looked around studios of famous American tv shows including The jimmy fallon show, it was an amazing experience and I'd definitely recommend going

We went to magnolias bakery where I got a red velvet cake

Eating the cakes opposite the ice rink


Moma museum (museum of modern art)

Walking through times square to go for dinner

We had dinner at Bubba Gumps


We then went up the empire state building in the evening and the view was incredible!!! Definitely my favourite part of the trip

I think this is were the Christmas tree at the end of the home alone film was but I'm not completely sure!

Day 4

My first time seeing a yellow school bus on the way to breakfast

Train journey to the statue of liberty boat ride

Boat journey to the statue of liberty island


9/11 memorial site

The Brooklyn Bridge

Day 5

Central park!! :)



Dinner at Hard rock cafe 

Day 6

Guggenheim Museum

The steps used in gossip girl


Shopping at 5th avenue

People camping out to try and meet harry styles!! (unfortunately I didn't see him!)

Plane journey home

Thank you so much for reading all about my trip to new York I really hope you enjoyed and be sure to leave a comment :)
See you soon
Pastel skies x