❤ What I Bought In New York! ❤

Heyyy guys so today I'm going to be doing a New York haul!!! I got a few things from Sephora which normally I couldn't get so I was VERY excited, I also got a few other bits so I thought I'd take you through everything I got :)
Also I will be starting soon with my autumn posts so if your a fan of autumn be sure to come back and check them out! 
Lets begin...

Huda beauty: Textured rose gold palette

One word AMAZING! This palette has the most beautiful colours ever and I can use it for so many different eye looks its incredible, the matte shades are really good, the only critism I have for the palette is you cant use a brush for any of the glitter shades on the top as the don't attach to the brush, so you have to make sure to use your finger for the glitter shades but other than that I love the palette and its definitely one of my new favourites, my favourite colour is definitely angelic (sparkly pink) as its a beautiful pink colour, yet in the light you can see gold glitter, creating a lovely rose gold colour!

Bobbie Brown-Long wear even finish foundation

I really love this foundation as it matches my skin perfectly and leaves your skin looking smooth and fresh, it isn't too full coverage so would be nice for days when you don't want your makeup to be too heavy however over all I do like the foundation, but prefer some of my other drugstore brands!

Anastasia- Dip Brow, in soft brown

I normally use powder products for my eye brows so I thought as everyone always talks about this product I'd give it a try, and its great. It good as you can use it to really define your eye brows and make them any shape you want, I think it does take me abit longer to do my eye brows when using this however its worth it!

Laura Mercier- Translucent Powder

Before you say it..... I know.. I got the complete wrong colour!!! The annoying thing is I couldn't even exchange it unless I went back to new York of course! So I'm sure this product is amazing but unfortunately I cant use it..... anyone want it??

Victoria secret- Rush and Love spell body spray

I know I can get these where I'm from but I still decided to pick some up while in new York and I can safely say these are my new favourite scents, rush is a really good one and people always ask what it is when I spray it so I would definitely recommend!

Extra bits, New York mug, face masks, key ring

Finally heres a picture of all the things I bought in New York, and I love them all!! I used all the sephora face masks and they were all incredible and left my skin feeling amazing, I gave the mug and key ring away as gifts aswell as some American sweets which everyone loved!

Thanks for reading
I really hope you enjoyed
Be sure to come back next week when I will be starting my autumn blog series
Pastel skies x