❤ Autumn evening routine!- 2017 ❤

Todays post is my autumnal evening routine! I will be using all my favourite products at the moment, so I hope you enjoy.
Lets get into the post!

So of course I have to start the evening off with a lush bath bomb because is it even an evening routine without one?! This is the cheer up butter cup bath bomb and it definitely cheered me up! (awful joke I know!) But anyways this bath bomb smells amazing!! It is definitely one of my favourite scents! Although it looks quite autumnal it hasn't got a stereotypically autumn scent such as cinnamon, it had a lemony lime scent yet is still very relaxing and leaves your skin smelling great! It also has a really pretty pink colour hiding away inside the yellow which was a nice surprise.

After my bath, I'll go to my room and try and make It abit more cozy by lighting a candle, I got this particular one from boots however any autumnal scented candles are amazing in my opinion!

I will then go and get my vanilla pumpkin hand cream which again smells great! I use this on my hands, arms and anywhere that needs moisturizing especially as the weather is getting colder!

 Next I will get my barry m nail paint in the colour ginger bread, as it says limited edition on it I'm not sure if its still in shops, however if not I'm sure their will be similar colours coming out over autumn and winter. I love this colour as its a brown colour, with rose gold/orange glitter in it so when in the light it looks beautiful and perfect for October!

After my nails I'll grab a face mask, today I chose the Garnier skin active moisture bomb tissue mask. This mask is great for autumn when your skin probably needs some extra moisturizing and although the mask does make you look kinda scary (perfect for Halloween) Once you take it off you skin feels fully hydrated and perfect!

Next I will go and grab myself a cozy drink such as a hot chocolate or in this case a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks which are my ultimate favourite!! As well as gingerbread lattes at Christmas.

Finally to end the evening I will either go on my phone, watch some Youtube or Tv, grab a book, or In this case read through a magazine. I don't often buy magazines but I do love reading through whenever I buy one, and of course this one had Zendaya on it so of course I had to buy it!!

And that's all for this post!
Thanks for reading, be sure to come back if you enjoyed and see you soon!
Pastel skies x


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