❤ Makeup Revolution- Dupe Reviews ❤

 Heyy guys so today I'm just doing a quick post to tell give you a review on some of the makeup revolution products (which are very similar to some high end products) and see whether they are just as good. There are a lot more revolution products I'd love to try so If you want more leave a comment below :) 
Lets Begin!

So firstly we have the Metallic lip kit in the shade worth it. I'm pretty sure this is a dupe for the kylie lip kits as it comes with a lip liner aswell as the metallic lip stick. Personally I liked the colour however I think it would look best over a different lip stick rather than on its own. I think the matte lips from this range would probably be abit better than the metallic however I do think this would look pretty over a purple or red lipstick to create the perfect autumnal lip.

This is the liquid high lighter unicorn elixir,I'm pretty sure this is a dupe for the iconic London illuminators. This high lighter shade is a lot more of a chrome and iridescent effect than the other high lighters which are more of just a block shade. I love the effect of this highlighter and think the product would be amazing as inner corner highlight, over  an eye shadow colour, or just as a normal highlighter. I also think this would be good for anyone creating a mermaid or unicorn look for Halloween!

And finally we have the brow pomade, which is a dupe for the Anastasia dip brow. I think this is an amazing dupe for the Anastasia dip brow as it does a similar job for a much lower cost, although personally I think using a product like this takes abit more time and precision whereas using a powder on your brows is a lot quicker and better if your a beginner, but if your not this is a great product to create your perfect brow look and also goes nicely with the benefit gimme brow.

And that's all for todays post
Hope you enjoyed and if you want me to review any other dupes from the makeup revolution collection leave a comment below as there are a lot more to choose from!
Thanks for reading
Pastel skies x